Application Data Control

Waterfall’s Application Data Control is a novel data inspection system that operates as an add-on to Waterfall’s market-leading, stronger-than-firewall product lines.

Application Data Control adds inspection and in-depth analysis capabilities to information being passed through Waterfall’s Security Gateways.

Add-on software solution compatible with all existing Waterfall connectors in all Waterfall’s security gateway solutions.

Comprehensive control of which fields, points, tags and values are permitted to pass through Waterfall USG

Support for all of Waterfall’s unidirectional server replications, IT and industrial protocols, and other connectors

Sandbox execution for behavioral analysis

File type validation, digital signature verification and format conversion

Content inspection (allowed length, black listed words, data type, etc.)

Deep inspection of data fields

Multiple antivirus engines

Application Data Control scans, analyses and filters data passed through a Waterfall gateway. By applying rules, policies and verification tests Application Data Control mitigates data related risks, addressing both data exfiltration attacks and of targeted, cyber-sabotage attacks against industrial networks.