Turbine Monitoring and Diagnostics whitepaper

A variety of turbines are used routinely in power generation: steam turbines, water turbines and combustion/gas turbines. Wind turbines are used as well, but tend to be smaller.

Regular monitoring, preemptive maintenance and comparatively small adjustments can often prevent otherwise costly, catastrophic failures which might even require the replacement of entire turbines. Many vendors provide remote services for turbine monitoring and diagnostics. These services are generally accomplished through remote access using firewalls, often with Virtual Private Network (VPN) and other security measures.

Persistent, Targeted Attacks 

Turbine Monitoring & Diagnostics

In the last half decade, targeted attacks have emerged as a new pervasive threat. A targeted attack is an attack where a team of one or more professional-grade attackers assaults a specific site or organization on more or less a full time basis over a period of days, weeks, or months, using continuous, interactive remote control tools. Targeted attacks routinely defeat classic IT-style cyber protections, including anti-virus systems, security update programs, encryption, and firewalls. This class of attack was once attributed only to so-called “advanced persistent threats.” In recent years though, the attack techniques used in targeted attacks have been thoroughly documented.

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