Emerging Expert Consensus for Control System Security (Whitepaper)

Whitepaper: Emerging Consensus For A Control Systems Security Approach

NIST, ANSSI, the ARC, the Gartner Group and other experts have all issued best practice guidance recently as to the role of “unhackable” unidirectional security gateway technology in industrial control system security programs. This expert consensus positions the gateways as unhackable, physical security for control systems whose worst-case compromise has unacceptable physical consequences.Emerging Expert Consensus for Control System Security (Whitepaper)

Seamless enterprise monitoring of industrial operations is essential to modern businesses – industrial data is vital to planning, optimization and efficiency initiatives at industrial enterprises. However, all paths through a firewall that permit data to leave also permit attacks to enter control system networks. Waterfall’s Unidirectional Gateways enable enterprise-wide monitoring of vital control systems, with disciplined control.

Control system security is evolving – Unidirectional Gateways have emerged as important security enablers for enterprise connectivity/efficiency and Industrial Internet of Things initiatives. Sign up here to download you free copy of the Emerging Consensus whitepaper.

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