Cybersecurity for PI Servers eBook

Cybersecurity for PI Servers: The problem with DMZs and the unidirectional alternative

The problem with DMZ designs is the firewalls. Many practitioners have the impression that firewalls protect networks while still providing access to vital industrial data. In fact firewalls do not provide access to data – they provide access to systems. This access can be used to attack PI servers and other systems in DMZs, right through the firewalls. This eBook digs deeper into these problems and suggests an alternative: Waterfall’s hardware-enforced Unidirectional Security Gateways. The gateways make strong security simple, providing access to industrial data without providing access to industrial systems. Download our eBook now to learn how your security program can be simplified and strengthened.


In this ebook

  • The problams with DMZS
  • The unidirectional alternative
  • Security for osisoft PI installations
  • Waterfall unidirectional security gateways

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