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 The Industrial Security Podcast Hosted by Andrew Ginter and Nate Nelson

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Starting From Zero – Lyndon Hall of Iron Spear

Lyndon Hall is routinely called on for the first-ever security assessment at industrial sites. On this episode of the Industrial Security Podcast, he explains how he does that and what he finds

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Efficiency Through Security – Greg Hale

A wide-ranging conversation with Greg Hale, Editor and Founder of Industrial Safety and Security Source (ISSSource), about where we are today, how security relates to safety, how to sell security as improving efficiency and other topics.

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Tips for Recruiting and being Recruited into Industrial Security Positions – Meg Duba

Meg Duba, a recruiter at Idaho National Labs talks about techniques, tips, and challenges for industrial security recruitment and job hunting. Tune in to the new episode of the Industrial Security Podcast

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Munich Airport: Security Challenges and Information Security Hub – Mark Lindike

Mark Lindike explores industrial systems and security challenges at the Munich International Airport, as well as how the new Munich ISH training facility is helping the airport and others.

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Running with Scissors – Patrick Miller

Patrick Miller discusses how technology advances in Industrial Control Systems are out-pacing existing industrial cybersecurity and business risk management programs and what needs to change to keep pace.

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Marty Edwards
Classifying Control Systems, Consequences and Criticality – Marty Edwards

Marty Edwards discusses the need for a standard way to classify the criticality of industrial control systems – eg: safety-critical vs. equipment-critical vs. reliability-critical systems, and what implications such classification should have for industrial security programs.

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