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 The Industrial Security Podcast Hosted by Andrew Ginter and Nate Nelson

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Product Security at GE: Kenneth Crowther | Podcast Episode #25

Pointing fingers at vendors is easy. Creating “secure” products is a real challenge, supply chain is a big part of that challenge, and vendors cannot solve the problem in isolation. Kenneth Crowther, a Product Security Leader at GE explores what a leader in this space is doing. Click PLAY

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Malcolm – A New (Free, INL) Tool for Network Visibility – Jens Wiesner | Podcast Episode #22

Jens Wiesner returns to the Industrial Security Podcast to discuss the German BSI’s commitment to the new “Malcolm” OT network visibility tool. PLAY NOW

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Three Networks – IT, OT & Engineering – Joe Weiss | Podcast Episode #20

Industrial security pioneer Joe Weiss explains how there are 3 networks, not two – IT, OT and Engineering, with examples from the 2007 aurora test.

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Layer Zero Anomaly Detection – Ilan Gendelman and Hadas Levine | Podcast Episode #19

Explore out of band security and operational anomaly detection with Ilan Gendelman and Hadas Levine of SIGA OT Solutions. Click PLAY

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Starting From Zero – Lyndon Hall of Iron Spear

Lyndon Hall is routinely called on for the first-ever security assessment at industrial sites. On this episode of the Industrial Security Podcast, he explains how he does that and what he finds

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Efficiency Through Security – Greg Hale

A wide-ranging conversation with Greg Hale, Editor and Founder of Industrial Safety and Security Source (ISSSource), about where we are today, how security relates to safety, how to sell security as improving efficiency and other topics.

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