ETRI South Korea – Abstract

Cyber Security Research Division of the Electronics and Technology Research Institute of South Korea (ETRI) – Cyber Security Policy in Industrial Control System using Data Diodes

What’s in the Standard

The ETRI contributes to South korea’s economic and social development through research, development and distribution of industrial core technologies in the field of information, communications, electronics, broadcasting and convergence technologies. Unidirectional technology is presented in this study as a solution which can solve the dilemma of security for industrial control systems. Specifically, the critical Infrastructures relevant to ICS per the document are electricity, gas, water, wastewater, oil and transport, with a focus is on monitoring and control of remotely scattered systems

It should be noted that they mention that firewalls and other software-based technologies pose problems such as security vulnerabilities and low performance, and that unidirectional security gateways combine cyber-attack prevention with high performance.

Take Aways

South Korean national technology research institute is promoting unidirectional security gateways for ICS in critical infrastructure, for the primary reason that firewalls are dangerous and pose too much risk!