Rail system digitalization is yielding unprecedented efficiency gains and customer service improvements. Digitalization, however, requires increased connectivity. Operations Control Center (OCC) networks are now routinely exposed to IT networks, and through IT networks to the Internet, dramatically increasing the rail system’s attack surface. This degree of cyber risk is unacceptable for vital networks such as signaling, train safety and energy networks.

The solution is not to stop becoming more efficient or to stop automating and connecting our systems. The solution is to understand the complete spectrum of risks, including safety and reliability risks, and to design safety and security solutions into our systems, just as we currently do to protect Personal Identifiable Information (PII) and other important information resources.

A new eBook from Waterfall explores how to powerful and practical cybersecurity to vital networks at the Operations Control Center in a manner consistent with IEC 62443 and the upcoming CENELEC TS-50701 cybersecurity standards. The most powerful security measures are also the most future-proof. Download Waterfall’s latest eBook now to explore future-proof cyber protections against cyber adversaries from the mundane to the most sophisticated.

About the author

Dr. Jesus Molina – Director of Industrial IOT, Waterfall Security Solutions

Dr. Jesus Molina brings 20+ years of cybersecurity experience to the rail sector. He is a speaker at the top security conferences, including RSA, Blackhat and IEEE Security, and his research has been featured in Wired and The Register. He serves as Security chair at the Industrial Internet consortium, and co-authored the Industrial Internet Security Framework. Jesus holds a M.S. and a Ph.D from the University of Maryland.