Partnership for Multi-layered Cyber Defense

Recently, Waterfall announced a global partnership with intelligence-led security company FireEye, in a push to deliver comprehensive cybersecurity solutions for businesses with industrial sites. The partnership seamlessly integrates FireEye’s cloud-based Threat Analytics Platform (TAP) with reliability-critical and safety-critical industrial control system (ICS) networks via Waterfall’s Unidirectional CloudConnect®, creating the foundation for an industrial Defense-in-Depth plan.

Populating FireEye’s TAP with live data from ICS networks through Waterfall’s CloudConnect enables security analysts and audit teams to identify, prioritize and respond to critical security incidents in real time, even incidents on the most sensitive of ICS networks. The integrated solution enables ICS owners and operators to be confident that no possible network attack, however sophisticated, can impair the operation of critical ICS networks in any way.

This joint solution is in large part our answer to the growing concern towards connecting ICS/critical networks to industrial clouds, a risk that is mitigated by the CloudConnect’s unidirectional technology.

When the Unidirectional CloudConnect is integrated with FireEye TAP, the threat of external cyberattacks is eliminated, enabling remote security teams to monitor and protect even the most sensitive ICS networks. The CloudConnect hardware is physically able to transmit information in only one direction – from the protected ICS network out to external IT, Internet and cloud networks. Its software gathers security-relevant logs, alerts, network traffic and other data from industrial systems, and converts the data into Internet and cloud-friendly formats, enabling big data analysis of and optimization of industrial operations.

We believe this partnership comes at a critical time, as industrial cybersecurity concerns are exacerbated by high-profile attacks. Through this partnership, Waterfall and FireEye are able to offer mutual customers a solution that provides unparalleled threat analytics and prevention, all while significantly simplifying  compliance with industrial cyber-security standards, including NERC CIP, NRC 5.71, NEI 08-09, ANSSI, NIST 800-82, IEC 62443 and many other standards, regulations and best-practice guidance.

For more information about the Waterfall & FireEye partnership click here.

Courtney Schneider
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