Naoufal Kerboute at the TOGC in Istanbul representing Waterfall Security and their unidirectional gateway that protects critical infrastructure
Waterfall Security at TOGC 2023 in Istanbul

Naoufal Kerboute answers questions at TOGC 2023 in Istanbul and explains how cybersecurity is an enabler for the digital transformation of the Oil & Gas industry and how Waterfall Security is helping that transformation by taking cybersecurity for OT to ‘unbreachable’ levels to provide 100% security from outside threats.

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Evolution of TSA directives for cybersecurity of pipelines and related infrastructure.
Evolving TSA Pipeline Security Directives | Recorded Webinar

The Colonial Pipeline Ransomware Cyberattack changed the face of cybersecurity for pipeline infrastructure. Regulators and business leaders were equally caught off guard, and the TSA has been rolling out security directives to counter any threats. Andrew Ginter explores the evolution of these TSA directives, their underlying reasoning, and what further directives we can expect in the future.

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