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Moving Target Defence | Episode #90

Moving target defence is increasingly used for remote access systems and other high risk connections between and into systems. Ian Schmertzler, President and Co-Founder of Dispel joins us to dig into the technology.

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4096 Bits to Hack a Nuclear Reactor

Sometimes books portray a misleading picture of reality. For example, as opposed to what’s written in the latest fictional book by Michel Houellebecq, “Anéantir”, nuclear reactors are not protected from remote attacks with encryption keys. Dr. Jesus Molina explains how modern nuclear plants are protected in real life

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DNP3 Crypto – Harder Than It Looks | Episode #89

Many people ask “why can’t we just encrypt all those industrial protocols?” It turns out it’s harder than it looks. Andrew West of Subnet Solutions and the Technical Chair of the DNP User group looks at Secure DNP3 – take three.

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