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Aging infrastructure and foreign hackers mark the end of 2015

December’s cybersecurity news further illustrated the reality that foreign state hackers are targeting U.S. critical infrastructure. Of greater concern is the fact that much of our infrastructure security is inadequate to protect against a targeted attack. With outdated security and the growing adoption of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), power grids, dams and other critical infrastructure are at increased risk of a successful network intrusion. Will recent legislation provide the protections needed to improve cybersecurity for critical infrastructure, or is it too little, too late? Read on to learn more about the news and events that capped 2015 and

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2016 predictions for industrial cybersecurity

The threat of terrorism is top of mind for many, and of increasing concern to those tasked with protecting industrial control systems (ICS). ISIS has issued threats against the North American electric grid, for example. While the cyber capability of ISIS is thus far unsophisticated, advanced attack capabilities are readily purchased. Other security challenges will be the topic of heated debate. FERC has requested comments regarding supply chain integrity and remote access rules. The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is gaining steam as well, especially control system vendor “remote monitoring and diagnostics” services that concentrate many control system VPN connections

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Why the energy sector is at the heart of cybersecurity discussions

November news roundup: Why the energy sector is at the heart of cybersecurity discussions In the wake of the ISIS-perpetrated Paris attacks and cyber threats against the U.K., government agencies are stepping up cybersecurity in a bid to detect and defend their critical infrastructure against a cyberattack by ISIS or other hacker groups. At the top of that list is the energy sector. Cybersecurity leaders from several countries have stated their concerns about a cyberattack against the power grid, refineries and oil or gas pipelines, and many of these infrastructures show serious vulnerabilities. For more on these and other stories

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