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Cybersecurity risks at nuclear facilities around the world

Recent reports from the Nuclear Threat Initiative and Chatham House, both find that nuclear facilities in many countries are “easy targets for cyberattacks.” Among problems cited in the reports are a significant nuclear presence, few government regulations, and inadequate or corrupt oversight of nuclear facilities. The reports highlight important issues, but are disappointing in that they provide little insight into the raw data used to draw their conclusions. Both reports talk about regulations existing in some jurisdictions and not in others, and also cite cybersecurity elements of regulations in some jurisdictions, but not others, but provide no sources. References to

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Curios Minds Pod Opens with a Three Part Series on STUXNET and Cybersecurity for Industrial Control and Critical Networks

Ashburn, VA – February 8, 2016 – Waterfall Security Solutions Ltd. today announced that CM Pod, a new podcast channel focusing on science, technology and history subjects, opened with a guest from Waterfall Security Solutions to discuss Stuxnet and other potential threats on critical infrastructure. When it was discovered in 2010, Stuxnet was the most complicated and sophisticated malware ever known. It highlighted the increasingly deliberate cyber attacks on targets that hold consequences much more dangerous than the loss of data. Andrew Ginter, Waterfall’s VP of Industrial Security, was invited as the first guest on the program due to his

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Logilube and Waterfall team to launch platinum level data security solution

Laramie, Wyoming February 8th, 2016 – A Wyoming business focused on improving the performance of midstream natural gas facilities is teaming with a veteran cybersecurity expert to present a new product that prevents O&G client’s operational data from being hacked. LogiLube, LLC is introducing its Platinum Level Data Security™ solution with Waterfall Security Solutions’ stronger-than-firewalls Unidirectional Security Gateways during the 20th Annual ARC Industry Forum in Orlando, Florida set for February 8-11. More than 700 leaders of global industrial companies, including executives from multinational energy companies, are expected to attend the event. The combination of the two companies’ products delivers

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