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We can’t patch what we don’t catch – a lesson from Intel

When covering for risk, best practice teaches us to categorize, measure and profile our vulnerabilities. Intel – the world’s largest and most highly valued semiconductor chip maker and inventor of the processors found in most personal computers – knows this process well. Countless tests are run by the manufacturer to ensure that problems are avoided and the technology carries out its functions without exposing its customers to unwanted threats. Recently, however, a potential vulnerability turned into a worst-case scenario for the chipmaker. Intel has released a patch for a remote hijacking vulnerability which has been lurking in its Active Management

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The Main WannaCrypt Ransomware Lesson: Stop Making Your Industrial Control Systems Accessible to the Internet

“WannaCrypt” or “WannaCry” is the latest ransomware variant responsible for shutting down countless organizations, including critical infrastructures and manufacturing sites as large as Renault and Nissan. The cybersecurity advice most probably followed by all these sites was to use firewalls to keep their networks “safe” and to always install the latest security updates. It has been exactly two months since Microsoft issued the MS17-010 fix for the “EternalBlue” vulnerabilities that WannaCrypt exploits, and frankly that’s not enough time for every device in every site, factory and hospital to verify the patch, test, approve the changes and update all of their

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