Pharma Cyber Security

Protecting pharmaceutical IP & intelligent control systems

Processing sensitive chemicals AND storing invaluable intellectual property (IP) on programmable smart systems makes the pharma production line extremely vulnerable to cyber threats. Malicious hackers tampering with the pressure or temperature of a chemical substance could cause a deadly catastrophe, and stealing confidential recipes or formulas off the devices could devastate the brand and company.

Clearly, these issues must be addressed as part of a strong cyber security posture to protect the pharmaceutical manufacturing network. Industrial security regulations urge operators of pharmaceutical companies to use cybersecurity best practices to secure IT/OT interconnection in order to protect against cyber attacks and IP theft. The question is – how to achieve 100% protection from remote cyber threats?

Unidirectional Gateway software supports the replication of industrial servers such as OISsoft PI to the enterprise network, where external clients can interact and query the replica servers normally and bi-directionally without introducing cyber risk to the original control system server.

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