Waterfall Unidirectional Gateway technology is deployed worldwide in critical infrastructure and industrial control sites. Our solutions protect communications from flowing into the industrial control network in power plants, manufacturing platforms, transportation signaling and navigation systems, water and waste management plants, chemical and pharmaceutical platforms, and in other IT/OT connections where damage to the business, operations or human lives cannot be restored by ‘back-up’. Browse below through industries protected by Waterfall technology.



The power sector is an absolute critical infrastructure. Securing its reliability and resiliency of all types of power grids from all evolving threats is something that cannot be compromised.

Oil & Gas

Cyberattacks on oil & gas exploration and production can be disastrous. The industry is heavily dependent on its IT/OT connections for operational efficiencies which leave it way too vulnerable.


Rails, aviation, and maritime…every transportation industry has countless points where critical systems such as signaling or navigation are operated from remote control locations and open to cyberattacks.


Cyber attacks on civil airport systems and infrastructures can have serious physical consequences. Airports rely on SCADA and industrial control systems for terminal utilities, baggage systems, radar systems, runway operations and safety systems, all of which are essential to safe and reliable passenger movements


Water works and waste water facilities face the greatest risk from its connections to pumping stations and remote sensors posing serious public health risks.


Any minor security compromise in the supply chain of manufacturing means major disruptions in products’ quality. All manufacturing platforms must have airtight cyber protection.