Iberdrola’s Spanish Cofrentes Nuclear Power Plant Deploys Waterfall Security’s Unidirectional Security Gateways

Waterfall Security Solutions, the leading provider of Unidirectional Security Gateways, announced the successful installation of several of its Unidirectional Security Gateways at Iberdrola’s Cofrentes Nuclear Power Plant in the Spanish province of Valencia.

“We have a continuous commitment to secure critical infrastructures in Europe, North America and around the world,” said Lior Frenkel, Co-Founder and CEO of Waterfall Security Solutions. “Nuclear generators must comply with the highest standards for safety and security, including cybersecurity. We are honored to have been selected to help with Iberdrola’s mission to enhance the protection of their facility.”

The Spanish Cofrentes NPP deployment uses Waterfall’s patented technology to securely make real-time and historical data from critical plant equipment available to business users and applications on Iberdrola’s corporate network. The Waterfall approach permits a seamless transition to secure communications for existing networks of integrated systems.

“Cybersecurity is a key aspect of the plan to modernize the instrumentation and control systems at the Cofrentes plant,” said Vicente Zuriaga, Iberdrola’s engineer responsible for the modernization project. “One reason the Waterfall solution was selected was because it supports the creation of an exact real-time copy of the OSIsoft PI Historian server which could be accessed by users on the Cofrentes management network, while at the same time preventing the transmission of any information whatsoever from that network to the control and data acquisition networks.”

Waterfall’s patented cyber security solutions enable Utilities and Critical Infrastructures to securely connect their critical industrial networks to external networks, securely meeting business needs without exposing these networks to risks and threats of cyber-attacks, cyber terror, and hacking from external, less secure networks. Waterfall’s cyber security solutions assists Utilities and Critical Infrastructures to achieve compliance with NERC-CIP, NRC, CFATS and other regulations and standards, as well as cyber-security policies and best practices.

The Cofrentes plant is the largest nuclear power plant in Spain, producing up to 1092 megawatts of electric power, or 4.7% of Spain’s national power production, and 15% of all energy in Spain produced from nuclear sources. The plant is a key part of Iberdrola’s efforts to combat climate change, preventing the annual emission of some 6.5 million tons of carbon dioxide. Iberdrola is the largest energy producer in Spain, the world’s top wind power producer and one of the largest power utilities in the world.

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