3 Advanced Methodologies for Cyber Risk in Power Generation

A Global Webinar Hosted by Andrew Ginter

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Targeted ransomware increasingly uses tools and techniques that were once the sole domain of state-sponsored attacks. This increasing attack sophistication poses a serious threat to many industries. In the last 24 months, three new security methodologies have emerged to provide robust “physical” or “analog” protection for industrial operations from even the most sophisticated of cyber attacks.

This webinar introduces and contrasts: Security PHA Review (SPR), Consequence-Driven, Cyber-informed Engineering (CCE) and Secure Operations Technology (SEC-OT). Examples of each approach are provided in the context of high-impact attack scenarios on power generation assets. The combination of these approaches makes robust and future-proof protection from even sophisticated attacks both possible and practical.


60 Minutes

Who's it for?

Process engineers
DCS network engineers
ICS security
Enterprise security
IT security
Enterprise risk managers

In this webinar you will learn:

Security PHA Review (SPR)
Consequence-Driven, Cyber-Informed Engineering (CCE)
Secure Operations Technology (SEC-OT)
How each of the above adds value to software-based security programs

Webinar Reviews:

Very useful webinar, its topic was a soup of complex ideas which interfere with each other to smaller or bigger extent and it was delightful to listen to Andrew who obviously understands to what he is talking about and who can deliver the main ideas very clearly. Thank you.
System Engineer
Great webinar! Looking forward to the next session.
Chief Operations Officer
United States
Great webinar! I appreciated the additional explanation about how unidirectional gateways simulate servers. Thanks!
IS/IT Contractor
United States
Excellent presentation. Thank you
Mechanical Engineer
Saudi Arabia
Good webinar... Hoping we can receive the copy of the materials via email too. Good Job Andrew. Great presenter. It was clearly presented and explained.

About The Speaker

Andrew GinterAndrew Ginter is the VP Industrial Security at Waterfall Security Solutions. At Waterfall, Andrew leads a team of experts who work with the world’s most secure industrial sites. He is author of two books on industrial security, a co-author of the Industrial Internet Consortium’s Security Framework, and the co-host of the Industrial Security Podcast. Andrew spent 35 years designing SCADA system products for Hewlett Packard, IT/OT connectivity products for Agilent Technologies, and OT/ICS security products for Industrial Defender and Waterfall Security Solutions.

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