Cybersecurity – How Much Is Enough?

Safeguard your business by understanding the best approaches to cybersecurity risks, calculations, costs, and how to communicate these to business decision-makers

Information on the costs and benefits of cyber security programs can be both confusing and contradictory, and as many will know from experience, it is always possible to be more secure (or less secure!). We know that for every security defense, there is an offense that will succeed. How then, can businesses evaluate cyber security funding requests? How can anyone ever know how much is enough? We explore this question, and draw some interesting conclusions.

We discuss how classic “natural disaster” risk models and other IT-centric security risk models that attempt to quantify the likelihood of attacks are poor fits to physical or cyber security problems. A good understanding of the characteristics of control system networks, industrial processes, safety systems, protection systems, security systems and attack capabilities are all prerequisites to an effective risk assessment. With this in mind, assembling all this knowledge and these costs into a simple matrix for business leaders to understand and evaluate is very much possible.

This insightful webinar will enable you to:

  • Accurately gauge the cybersecurity requirement for your organisation by carrying out effective risk assessments.
  • Make and evaluate cyber security funding requests within your organisation.
  • Safeguard your business by developing a robust cybersecurity program, with expert insight from an industry expert.

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