DevOps (Israel)

As part of Waterfall’s R&D team, the candidate will contribute to the delivery of the following:

Installation utilities
✔️Maintain and create installation utility based on NSIS (Nullsoft -Scriptable Install System). 
✔️Maintain and create installation utility for Linux OS based on bash scripting.

Jenkins CI
✔️Manage, design, develop and support all Continuous-Integration related infrastructures.
✔️Maintain a night-build machine based on Jenkins CI for building and deploying Waterfall’s software for Linux and Windows.
✔️Contributing to the delivery of offering Jenkins CI as a scalable service to the development teams.
✔️Research on integrating Jenkins CI with QA processes.

Jira – Bug-Tracking System
✔️Install and maintain Jira server.
✔️Integrate Git with Jira system.

✔️Improve and support Git workflows.
✔️Research and integrate new technologies into R&D stack.
✔️Automate processes following continuous integration, deployment and delivery.

Specific skillsets/Requirement:

✔️BA in computer science or equivalent.
✔️Planning, execution and implementation of complex projects.
✔️An ability to write and understand scripts in Python and bash.
✔️Knowledge of the Windows and Linux server administration.
✔️Experience in one or more programming languages (such as C++, C#, Java) – an advantage.
✔️Attention to details and accuracy.
✔️Fluent in verbal and writing English.
✔️Troubleshooting skills.
✔️Team player.
✔️Solution-oriented with a “can do” attitude.
✔️Passionate about discovering how things work.

Experience with:

✔️Git and BitBucket — Source code management (Version Control System).
✔️Jenkins — Automation server, with plugins built for developing CI/ CD pipelines.
✔️Jira — bug tracking and agile project management.
✔️Background experience in systems administration hands-on, on mixed environment, Windows and Linux.


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