Resilience: Protecting Protective Relays

There are voices in the industrial security community advocating a return to hard-wired protective relays, discarding two decades of progress in this space. But, a practical solution is to protect the protection. In power plants, as in high voltage substations, protective relays can be connected to networks separate from the main control network and integrated with the main control network. Read the new blog post by Andrew Ginter

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NSA/CISA AA20-205A Alert Analysis

Critical infrastructure OT equipment directly connected to the Internet is the focus of the just-issued and very long NSA/CISA AA20-205A alert. Surprises: this is the first alert recommending a manual-ops fall-back plan (resilience) and a tamper-proof repository for “gold” images (to use during manual ops emergencies). Read here Andrew Ginter’s analysis

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Hazardous Materials: New Standards For Cyber Protection

Waterfall Security Solutions has been protecting critical infrastructures from cyber-attacks for over a decade. Waterfall’s unique technology now enables businesses to meet new regulatory requirements established by the Israeli Ministry of Environmental Protection for the cyber protection of plants handling hazardous materials

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