Really Committing to Supply Chain Security | Episode #95

Supply chain security is bigger than one standard or one approach. Supply chain has fingers into remote access and cloud services and many other things beyond SBOMs and vendor questionnaires. Pedro Fernandes of Accenture joins us to look at the big picture and at what it takes to really commit to supply chain security.

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ROI Mistakes for Cybersecurity Investments | Episode #94

Cybersecurity investments, like safety investments, involve ROI calculations. But unlike safety, security ROI is not baked into engineering practice. Wally Magda – a senior standards and security instructor, advisor and former NERC CIP auditor joins us to look at today’s ROI problems and what to do about them.

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56 OT Vulnerabilities – do they matter? | Episode #92

Forescout’s recent Icefall report documents 56 new OT vulnerabilities, many in certified “secure” industrial equipment. Daniel Dos Santos, Head of Security Research, joins us to look at the vulnerabilities and at what they mean for industrial security.

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