The OT Security Revolution

This is the OT security revolution. In the first decade of the OT / ICS security discipline, practitioners took inspiration from IT security, because that’s all we had. Back then, the question was “how much like IT security can we make our OT / industrial security program?” Today, the world is asking different questions.

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Bridging industrial Cybersecurity Workforce Gaps | Episode #101

Different kinds of organizations in different stages of their cybersecurity evolution need to look for different kinds of people to contribute to their industrial security programs. Jason Rivera a Director at Security Risk Advisors joins us to look at workforce capability gaps and different approaches needed to fill those gaps in different scenarios.

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4-Step Approach for Choosing an OT Security Vendor

This is a four-step approach to choosing an OT security vendor, covering an understanding of risk across an organization, worst-case consequences of compromise, how an organization aligns with a risk framework, and how familiar potential vendors are with different kinds of industrial systems.

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IT vs OT
IT vs OT: Cyber Security Focus

IT vs OT: understanding key differences between Information Technology (IT) and Operational Technology (OT) cybersecurity strategies is important. IT security focuses on protecting the digital assets of an organization such as data, networks, and computer systems. OT security concentrates on the protection of physical assets, industrial automation systems and production processes important facilities from power plants to factories and even data centers.

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Strengthening OT Security in Japan

OT security in Japan is strengthened by a new partnership between Terilogy and Waterfall Security Solutions, making Waterfall’s Unidirectional Security Gateways more readily available to Japanese customers.

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IIoT Firmware Visibility – Under the Hood | Episode #99

Windows and Linux operating systems provide a lot of detail as to what software & versions of the operating system, applications & libraries are installed. Most firmware provides almost nothing – a single firmware version number. Thomas Pace, Co-Founder and CEO of NetRise joins us to look at gaining visibility into industrial device firmware and vulnerabilities.

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