Author: Waterfall Team

Manufacturing has become a major target for ransomware attacks. In the launch of our new industry series, brought to you by Waterfall’s Industrial Security Institute, Dr. Jesus Molina walks us through everything you need to know about protecting your manufacturing ICS and preventing a shut down.

Targeted ransomware has emerged as the pervasive threat to critical industrial infrastructures and OT networks. All production downtime reported in 2020 was due to targeted ransomware, as was the 2021 Colonial pipelines breach - the biggest OT cyber impact in US history.

Recent shutdowns of the Colonial Pipeline and JBS meat packing plants are only the latest evidence of a continuing trend. Ransomware is responsible for all OT shut-downs due to cyber attacks since at least the beginning of 2020. New Article by Andrew Ginter, VP Industrial Security, Waterfall Securit