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An organized crime group develops a history of routine speculation on futures markets for gasoline. Then they damage equipment at a refinery by using known vulnerabilities on internet facing IT equipment. This cripples the supply, makes prices spike, and attackers profit from their speculation.

Nation state attackers use more sophisticated tools such as the BlackEnergy trojan to ultimately take over equipment on the ICS network and disable protective relays. The attack group then sends control commands to very quickly connect and disconnect power flows to parts of the grid, destroying larg

Press Release: Kaspersky and Waterfall partnership. The joint solution provides non-intrusive industrial network traffic inspection and deep packet inspection (DPI), while providing industrial networks with hardware-enforced unidirectional protection for safe and reliable operations. Read more

An attack group similar to the “Shadow Brokers” steals a list of zero days from a nation-state adversary and sells the list to an organized crime group. That group creates autonomous ransomware that jumps through firewalls via encrypted connections to file shares, causing an emergency shutdown a

Zero trust is a new way of thinking about cybersecurity for connected systems. Let's explore what zero trust means for industrial / ICS / OT networks. New blog post by Blase Janov, Director of Business Development at Waterfall Security Solutions

Watch Waterfall Security’s video for a brief explanation on how to achieve safe IT/OT integration and 100% protection from remote cyber threats with Unidirectional Security Gateways. Protect your industrial and OT network perimeter from remote cyber threats using the strongest cyber protection ava

Combined Waterfall and CyberX solution addresses all five core functions specified in NIST standard for critical infrastructure security Rosh HaAyin, Israel and Framingham, MA – June 27, 2017 – Waterfall Security Solutions, a global leader in cybersecurity technologies for critical infrastruct

The Ukraine power grid cyberattack continued to dominate cybersecurity news in February as various researchers reported findings from their investigations of the incident. In other news, researchers discovered sustained cyberattacks against Japan’s critical infrastructure, most likely perpetrated

Ashburn, VA – February 8, 2016 – Waterfall Security Solutions Ltd. today announced that CM Pod, a new podcast channel focusing on science, technology and history subjects, opened with a guest from Waterfall Security Solutions to discuss Stuxnet and other potential threats on critical infrastruct