Author: Michael Firstenberg

Black Hat and Dark Reading’s attendee survey from their recent 2017 Black Hat Europe event is a wake-up call to company stakeholders, boards, and information and operational security practitioners; yielding some significant findings about the perceptions of the current threat landscape. Survey participants were sourced predominantly from IT and security backgrounds throughout Europe, and the results cover a wide range of cyber-security concerns and defense capabilities. Black Hat’s goal was to gain insight into the state of cybersecurity in Europe, particularly the perception of threat. The survey’s findings shed light on the concerns professionals have about major breaches, and these

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is forecast to bring untold value to industrial operations. The IIoT introduces a new network architecture which greatly expands the traditional manufacturing systems paradigm – by increasing the interoperability and optimization of a large number of control systems. For the last 25 years, industrial network architecture has been based on the Purdue Enterprise Reference Architecture - or Purdue Model.  What we see emerging here is the evolution of the long-standing Purdue Model of industrial networks. The Purdue model can be visually represented in a pyramid shape; indicating a clear hierarchy of organizational levels, applications &