Author: Courtney Schneider

Almost all 2021 cyber attacks were the result of targeted ransomware and impacted multiple sites. These findings and others are documented in a new report: OT Security Incidents – 2021 Trends and Analyses, a cooperation of ICSSTRIVE and Waterfall Security Solutions. Read a summary of the report an

Why do some incident response programs work effectively, while others don’t? In this blog post, we examine the essential building blocks of an enterprise-level cyber incident response program, as well as the common mistakes and pitfalls that may lead such a program to fail just when you need it mo

Threats to operations control systems are no longer theoretical. With manufacturing control networks connectivity steadily increasing, a unidirectional IIoT architecture reflects a robust and trustworthy way of achieving the increased efficiencies and other business benefits of the IIoT’s central.

Over the last few decades, the clear path to securing operational technology has been difficult to forge as so much has come from the vast world of IT data protection, encryption and authentication. On the other hand, practitioners on the OT side of the digital network speak about the risks and unwa

Waterfall Security is pleased to announce our Industrial Security Podcast featuring interviews with world-recognized experts on a wide range of industrial cybersecurity topics. The podcast will address current and developing ICS topics such as: Do expert ICS penetration testers target live/running s

Written into law The Directive on the Security of Network Information Systems (NIS) represents the first pan-European law covering requirements for cybersecurity. It aims to achieve a common security posture for European countries by means of strengthening 1) cybersecurity capabilities at a nationa

Cybersecurity best practice according to ANSSI, France’s National Agency for the Security of Information Systems, points to unidirectional data flow solutions. Why? Because it’s the safest and most reliable way to segregate and protect your critical network from less trusted networks and cyber t

Recently, a major Canadian company suffered a targeted ransomware attack and was forced to pay $425,000 to restore the encrypted data of both its production base and back-up servers. We have spoken and warned of ransomware in the past, particularly in the aftermath of the global WannaCry attack. Mos