Announcing Waterfall’s Industrial Security Podcast

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Waterfall Security is pleased to announce our Industrial Security Podcast featuring interviews with world-recognized experts on a wide range of industrial cybersecurity topics. The podcast will address current and developing ICS topics such as: Do expert ICS penetration testers target live/running systems? (cheat: not always, but yes, they do, carefully) What questions should boards of directors be asking their CIO/CSO’s about industrial/OT cybersecurity? What changes is the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) bringing about in the next few years? What does the latest industrial cyber risk assessment methodology from EPRI look like? All of these questions are answered in episodes posted to date, with much more to come.

The podcast is hosted by Andrew Ginter VP Industrial Security at Waterfall Security and author of two books: Secure Operations Technology and SCADA Security – What’s broken and how to fix it. Andrew engages industrial security experts to explore timely topics in detail. For example: the guests for the episodes posted to date are:

  • Harry Paul, the Cyber Security Advisor at OSIsoft who is driving the company’s contributions to the EPRI risk assessment methodology,
  • Sven Shrecker, Co-Chair of the Industrial Internet Consortium Security Working Group,
  • Paul Feldman, Director and Board Member in the NA electric sector, and
  • Jonathan Pollet, Founder and Principle Consultant at Red Tiger Security.


Waterfall will release episodes with new experts and new topics two to three weeks. For readers not familiar with the world of podcasts, listening is easy on iTunes, Spotify as well as through Waterfall’s website and, bonus, you can listen to the episodes literally while you do other things. If you like what you hear, please subscribe to the podcast on iTunes, leave a review, share on social media, and sign up for the Waterfall newsletter so you don’t miss any episodes.

We hope you enjoy!

Courtney Schneider
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