8 Common Firewall Mistakes Webinar Recording- Softprom Virtual Conference

Do firewalls prevent or enable cyberattacks? Find out in Mike Firstenberg’s recorded webinar – 8 Common OT/Industrial Firewall Mistakes from Softprom’s virtual conference


Firewalls are easy to misconfigure. While the security consequences of such errors may be acceptable for some firewalls, the accumulated risks of misconfigured firewalls in a defense-in-depth OT network architecture are generally unacceptable. We explore eight common mistakes that firewall administrators make and describe how these mistakes can compromise ICS network security. The lesson here though is not “stop making mistakes.” We also explore unidirectional gateway technology as an alternative to our most important OT firewalls that eliminates the potential for online attacks as a result of misconfiguration.


Mike Firstenberg is the Director of Industrial Security for Waterfall Security. Mike brings two decades of experience in Process Control Security, specializing in Control System Cyber Security. With a proven track record as a hands-on engineer – researching, designing, and implementing strategic security solutions, Mike has an established background working with governmental institutions, regulatory authorities, and industrial utilities. The former chair of the American Water SCADA Council, Mike studied Computer Science, Chemical Engineering, and Mathematics at the University of Pennsylvania, and participates actively in ISA SP99, and serves on committees that have created Industrial Cybersecurity guidelines and roadmaps.


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