13 Ways To Break A Firewall

What you don’t know will hurt you…

A Global Webinar Hosted by Andrew Ginter

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Join us for an update on the 2012 classic Thirteen Ways to Break a Firewall. We review an updated list of 13 common kinds of breaches, with a host of real-life examples. These intrinsic weaknesses are the big reason secure sites demand at least one layer of unidirectional protection in their defense-in-depth architectures.


60 Minutes

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Who's it for?

Process engineers
DCS network engineers
ICS security
Enterprise security
IT security
Enterprise risk managers

In this webinar you will learn:

13 vulnerabilities intrinsic to all firewall installations
Recent attacks that use each of these attack techniques
How to mitigate this risk with hardware-enforced Unidirectional Gateways

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Great to hear from such a knowledgable guys! Thanks!
System Engineer
Thanks very much, very timely, interesting and informative ! Appreciated !
Security Manager
Good webinar... Hoping we can receive the copy of the materials via email too. Good Job Andrew. Great presenter. It was clearly presented and explained.
I'll be back - visiting your future webinars!
Excellent presentation. Thank you
Mechanical Engineer
Saudi Arabia

About The Speaker

Andrew Ginter is the VP Industrial Security at Waterfall Security Solutions. At Waterfall, Andrew leads a team of experts who work with the world’s most secure industrial sites. He is author of two books on industrial security, a co-author of the Industrial Internet Consortium’s Security Framework, and the co-host of the Industrial Security Podcast. Andrew spent 35 years designing SCADA system products for Hewlett Packard, IT/OT connectivity products for Agilent Technologies, and OT/ICS security products for Industrial Defender and Waterfall Security Solutions.

Tue Mar 23, 1300 New York

Wed Mar 24, 1300 Singapore

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